Project Description
A demo web app for demonstrating ASP.NET MVC 4 and EF 5 Code First, and architectural practices.

Announcing EFMVC.Azure
Announcing EFMVC.Azure in Github for adding Windows Azure specific features

  • Windows Azure SDK
  • Entity Framework Code First 5
  • Autofac
  • AutoMapper
  • NUnit
  • Moq

Patterns & Practices
  • Domain Driven Design (DDD)
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Repository Pattern & Generic Repository
  • Unit of Work Pattern
  • Dependency Injection

EFMVC.Azure in Github
EFMVC 0.5 (Recommended for old articles)

Blog posts about EFMVC 1.0

Writing Unit Tests for ASP.NET Web API Controller
Generating Entity Data Model Diagram from EF Code First DbContext
Writing Unit Tests for an ASP.NET MVC Action Method that handles Ajax Request and Normal Request
EFMVC Migrated to .NET 4.5, Visual Studio 2012, ASP.NET MVC 4 and EF 5 Code First
EFMVC App Migrated to Visual Studio 2012 RC and ASP.NET MVC 4 RC
Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Web API using Autofac
EFMVC App Migrated to ASP.NET MVC 4
Commands, Command Handlers and Command Dispatcher
EFMVC 1.0 Preview Released
Autofac - My Choice of IoC Container
Removing EdmMetadata table in EF Code First

Blog posts about EFMVC 0.5

Developing web apps using ASP.NET MVC 3, Razor and EF Code First - Part 1
Developing web apps using ASP.NET MVC 3, Razor and EF Code First - Part 2
Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC 3 using DependencyResolver and ControllerActivator
Mobile enabled web apps with ASP.NET MVC 3 and jQuery Mobile

Features/Changes Added on EFMVC 1.0
  • Windows Azure Web Role
  • Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC Controller by using Autofac
  • Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC Web API Controller by using Autofac
  • Changes in Solution Architectures using Commands, Command Handlers, Command Dispatcher
  • HTTP Services using ASP.NET Web API
  • Domain Model and View Model mapping with AutoMapper
  • Unit Tests with NUnit and Moq

Features of EFMVC 0.5
  • CRUD demo in ASP.NET MVC 3 with Entity Framework 4.1 Code First
  • Razor View Engine
  • Generic repository for Entity Framework Code First
  • Repository Pattern and Unit of Work
  • Dependency Injection using Unity 2.0
  • Mobile specific pages using JQuery Mobile
  • ASP.NET MVC Area for Mobile specific pages
  • Using EF 4.1 Code First with custom Membership/Role provider

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